Current Posting Schedule

I have decided to create a more structured and organized posting schedule. It should give you, my wonderful readers, a good idea of what to expect and it should give me some more guidance in my writings.

Money Mondays- where i’ll will write about my dealings with money especially that involved with running a household, preparing for retirement, saving for children’s college funds and other things of personal finance.

Technology Tuesdays- where i’ll write about all things technological ranging from the new digital thermostat we recently bought, coding in HTML and CSS, and why my car can’t drive itself to the destination while I take a nap.

With Child Wednesdays-where i’ll write about the pregnancy and then after the baby is born I will write about life with kids.

Thirsty Thursdays- where i’ll write about my thirst for knowledge in enlightenment, answering the question of where we came form and everything involved with personal development.

Photo Fridays-where i’ll post an interesting photo from my surroundings.

Weekend Review- where i’ll post about a reflection of the last week or a reflective moment in my life.

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