The Aftermath of Having a Baby

About 2 months ago I gave birth to my daughter and as you can tell my blog writings have suffered.  They have suffered so much that I have not written at all.  I hope to start writing more regular as it is getting “easier”.

The First 2 Weeks

The first few weeks after I gave birth were difficult.  I wanted to be outside in the sun pushing my daughter in her neat stroller.  I wanted to easily take care of her needs quickly and efficiently.  I wanted to be one of those “good” moms.  This is what I wanted and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that even though I couldn’t quickly calm my baby, I was not as impacient or as frustrated as I imagined myself to be if things didn’t go smoothly.

We had a rough start breastfeeding but I just kept trying.  I didn’t loose it with her or with myself.  We had some great resourses like our midwife and a lactation consultant.  I also found it helped to just let everything else go and only focus on the baby’s needs.  I didn’t need to met her needs and my husbands and keep the house nice and clean and do the dishes.  My husband, although he may not like to, can fend for himself and I have the rest of my life to do those damn dishes.  I never really liked doing them anyway.  If ever you have a reason to put stuff off its after you have a baby. Right?

Sleeping Schedule

Oh my and her sleep schedule, I didn’t think that would ever change.  She would sleep 2 hours at a time and each day at one point she would sleep for 4-6 hours.  The catch is I never knew when that longer sleep was.  So I would sleep when she slept for 2 hours at a time.  Then I would finaly get up and take a shower while I thought she would be sleeping her 2 hour sleep and then she would go and sleep for 6 hours.  Luckily I wasn’t trying to do a lot during this sleep deprivation phase.  I wanted to do something.  Some days I felt traped in the apartment and wondered when I would every be able to leave the bedroom again.

Luckily when she was about 4 weeks it was like she figured out when night was.  She started having her long 4 hour sleep happen at night.  Wow did I feel good sleeping a whole 4 hours straight.  Some time after my parents came for a visit when she was 6 weeks old, I finally finished reading the ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block” by Dr. Karp. The night after my parents left I remember trying the swaddling technique and that night instead of just sleeping 5 hours she slept 9 hours.  HOLY SHIT.  I actually woke up before her and was actually anxious to have her wake up and nurse as I was a little engoreged.  It was amazing how swaddling her tight helped her sleep so well.  I am not sure why I was so surprised as all of the other calming techniques in the book worked beautifully.

Breastfeeding is a Breeze

Because we had a rough start to breastfeeding, I kept feeding in the same spot using the same position every time she nursed.  I felt like we could never leave the house as there were only 2 hours from when she stoped feeding until when she would want to feed again.  That did not leave a big enough window to leave the house and get much done.

Then one day my husband’s brother drove over and visited us with his 4 kids and wife.  They were in Orlando on spring break and wanted to go to the beach.  So I practiced what it would be like to nurse in public and set it up so we would go to the beach and I would just have to do it.  I didn’t want to miss out on the outing.  So we all went to the beach.  It was our daughter’s first beach visit.  She was about a month old and all she did was nurse and fall asleep.  She was not interested in the ocean or the beach but I was so excited to nurse in public for the first time.  I felt so liberated.  I could now leave the house and easily calm her if she started yelling.  WE WERE FREE!

Now we go all kinds of fun places and nurse.  I am just waiting for someone to say something mean about breastfeeding in public.  I had no idea it was so controversial.  I’ll be sure to post when that happens.

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