Forced to Buy Windows?

Since I quit working for “the man” I have not had to use a Windows machine since 2009. I know that means it has only been about 2 years, but that is an eternity in the tech world. I have been able to thrive in my Mac/ Android/ Linux world and not have to click,

‘yes, I mean to install this’,
click ‘yes, I really mean to install this’,
click ‘yes, I really really mean to install this’,
click ‘something is trying to run, keep blocking… ugh.

I am an unemployed musician/ web developer who spends my days with my toddler, so my career path is not forcing us to a windows machine. I blame my husband. Well I blame his work.

He works for a hospital and they apparently have a lot of machines running Windows 2000 and those that are running XP are like the ohhh ahhh machines. And hey if it works for them, fine. I don’t always think that it is necessary to upgrade. It just so happens that those versions of Windows don’t play well with Mac. Also everything he does for the hospital from home has to be done on Internet Explorer which does not make a Mac compatible version.

We have an HP Mini that I have a dual boot Vista/ Ubuntu set up. Since I don’t use Windows I have not maintained it. Windows maintenance calls for backing up and wiping the drive about every 6 months. It is a net book so it runs slow anyway when running Vista. It does great for Ubuntu.

Husband has had to do a lot of work online lately and knows he will have to do more in the future so he says we have to get a Windows machine:(

**EDIT Husband does not want to install windows on any of our Macs nor does he want to run Parallels, VMware, nor does he wish to use Wine. He states it will ruin our Macs. We know this is not true it won’t actually ruin our Macs but I understand what he is saying and respect his position.

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