Aren’t Toddlers Supposed to Sleep More Than This?

Sleeping ToddlerMy 16 month old daughter has stopped sleeping.  Well, not altogether, she sleeps.  No matter what I seem to do she won’t fall asleep until midnight.  She then proceeds to wake up at 7am.  That is only 7 hours of sleep.  When she first started doing this I just thought oh well maybe she will just nap longer.  According to the “experts” she should be sleeping about 12 hours.  Thus I was hoping after only sleeping 7 hours at night she would sleep the remainder, say at least 3 more hours, she would sleep during her nap.

Guess how long she naps…… 30 minutes.  WTF?? F@#$%^&*() She is also super energized.  And we go go go all day long.  She also loves human interaction and will rarely play with her toys.  So here we are interacting all day long.  I am exhausted.  I don’t even have the option to close her in the play room, have her play with her toys while I sleep on the floor.

Not only am I physically exhausted from not sleeping enough, I also have zero time to do those activities that energize me like creating music, writing computer code or just taking a bath BY MYSELF.  The husband has been working his 12 hour shifts so he wakes up eats and then goes to work.  I am really looking forward to when he has his next days off.

The only technique I have not tried is the cry it out method or Ferberizing.  I don’t think it would work as she goes to sleep fine when she is ready.  The problem is she does not stay asleep for as long as I need. 🙂

She acts like she is getting enough sleep and this is probably just part of her growth and development.  At this instant in time she needs less sleep and to be awake more for some really cool scientific reason.  I just don’t know what it is.  It feels like it has been going on forever but it has probably only been happening for a little over a week.  It has been intense feeling like my existence has been hijacked and taken hostage by a tyrant dictator toddler.  Luckily my toddler is super cute and I love her even more than my own existence.

Teenagers sleep a lot don’t they?  Maybe I can hold on till then.

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