guitarsSo what will 2012 bring? The end of the world, of course, and the end of the Mayan calendar and… Oh well actually I don’t know and neither does anyone else. I do think that in my case 2012 will lead to fewer blog posts on this site. I have a number of creative projects and small businesses that I am starting and they will need a lot of attention.

I have my freelance work in web design and development, my husband’s photography business to run, my music, my candle making business, my handmade journals business, and because of my previous work at a corporate tax firm where every month I filed around 3,000 returns I have decided to add registered tax return preparer to my to do list.

Also as my daughter is almost 2 and my husband is ready to have another child, we will probably have one in 2012. To be honest I also am ‘ready’ for another baby too. I don’t want to have my children so far apart in age that they can’t relate to one another. I have been enjoying the time as it is for now; enjoying the benefits of having just one. Once I have two, I am sure I will discover some nice advantages as opposed to know where I ponder how I am going to do things. I feel as if for two kids I need four arms. I guess you can’t cross a bridge until you actaully arrive at it.

That is how I think my 2012 will shape up. who knows it may turn out totally different. You have to take the opportunities as they come.

If I become pregnant in 2012, I will make writing on the blog as in documenting my experience a priority.

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