a Rare Cloudy Gloomy Florida Day

I feel like a bad mom today. Well, not really. I feel like I slacked a little today. I do feel as if the world would label me a bad mom but then I think all moms feel that way all of the time. The ‘world judgement syndrome’ makes everyone out to be a bad mom. It is probably how they convince people to consume more. That should be another tangent.

So today I awoke and did not want to get out of bed. The toddler tossed and turned a bit and I think she might have been fully awake and fussing at one point. I was so sleepy when I comforted her. Combine this with my staying up until 2am rocking out some CSS and HTML made for a sleepy morning. Good news is I think I have got a new site close to done. It was also a cold, cloudy morning here in southern Florida. Ok so 50 degrees is not cold. When my body that is accustomed to 80 degrees and then drops to 50 degree weather, I start to have flashbacks of those cold winters when we lived up north. Digging my car out of snow, and scrapping ice of the windshield, it all came flooding back and I did not want to get out from under the warm covers.

So I dragged my warm covers to the couch and put on Curious George on Netflix streaming. My toddler and I snuggled and watched Curious George. We later moved on to watching The Backyardigans. The toddler loves the singing and dancing. Later we watched Walking with Cavemen. I was surprised when she was tired and napped. We hadn’t done much today. I sort of feel bad but maybe we needed the rest. I know my sleep deprived, period arrived cramping person while its a cold cloudy day needed it.

Most days we go running 3-4 miles, we cook, we play blocks, go to the zoo, the park, the wildlife sanctuary, do story times at the library. Most days my toddler and I go off exploring the world. I usually am ready to take a nap with her.

Hopefully I am not just rationalizing but just like I show her how to live it up, I need to show her how to rest. There are not too many cloudy gloomy days in southern Florida. You have to take advantage of them when they happen.

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