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How To Start Writing a Song

I have been writing songs since before I can remember.  I didn’t always have an instrument but I remember as a child walking around the woods behind our house making up lyrics and singing where no one could hear my … Continue reading

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Did I Tell You I Started Podcasting?

Did I tell you how I started podcasting? Well, I have.  Today I recorded the 3rd episode.  It is for and you can hear them here  I placed the podcast in for access in iTunes and it takes … Continue reading

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New Music Mayham

If you have not already noticed I have added a Download page. This should make it easier to download track you like without having to go all the way out to the home page or to my bandcamp page. … Continue reading

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New Song Ideas

I stayed up quite late last night working on the drum and bass tracks for a new song.  Below is what I have come up with to date.  The second track in the player was what I was working on … Continue reading

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Role of the Bass Player

I found this great video on youtube about the role of the bass player.  It is great. Role of Bass Player on YouTube

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Bass Guitar

I am looking to buy a bass guitar.  Rog3r is getting quite good at guitar and should be our lead guitarist.  We can’t have just two guitarists in the band so I will have to try other instruments.  Someday soon … Continue reading

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