Testing SquareSpace Software

If you have not already heard of SquareSpace, it is a publishing/ CMS (content management system) tool that you can use for your website.  It is like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.  Like the other three as similar inthe same genus etc etc.  I have been using wordpress for a while.  Before that I used only CSS, HTML and PHP hand coded stuff, which I still love to do.  For someone who does not know any web programming langauges SquareSpace is great.  It is very user / WISIWIG friendly.  For someone like me who knows CSS, HTML and PHP sometimes I got frusterated because looking for how to do something in SquareSpace took longer than acuatlly hand coding it.  I will try it out for the full two weeks and hold my judgement until the end.  But I think I may be entering with some bias as I a) already have a very reasonable awsome hosting plan and b) the price seems high as compared to other hosting options.  That is squarespace’s selling point though, that you don’t have to know anything or tweak andy geeky computer code in order to get a cool looking website up.  I may not be the person they are catering too.  Below are screenshots of what I have done so far.









and the current view can be seen at www.tarraguna.squarespace.com.

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