Fetal Movement 20 Weeks: Feeling the Baby Kick

According to OB and midwives it is common to start feeling your baby kick any time between 18 and 25 weeks or so. They say it feels like fluttering or like butterflies. After having nausea for the first 3 months, I was looking forward to feeling something positive from the baby.

On Friday October 23rd after my shower I was sure I felt the baby kick. I had been feeling some fluttering during the week but it had been so light that I had confused it with gas. These kicks were big. I am guessing the baby’s position was just perfect so that I could feel the kicks just under my belly button. I called my husband to come over quickly. He assumed I was going to tell him to feel how big my uterus had gotten. I placed his hand over my abdomen just below my belly button. The baby kicked him and his eyes got really big.

It is absolutely amazing to feel your baby kick for the first time. Words can not describe how neat it is.

Since that last Friday the kicking has subsided some. I can still feel the baby move but it is no longer possible to feel the kicks just by putting a hand on the abdomen. I know soon the baby will be bigger and bigger and kicking me in the ribs and waking me up at night. Hopefully I will still be able to enjoy feeling the baby in the moment.

Ultrasound at 16 weeks
Ultrasound of our baby at 14 weeks

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