I Am Pregnant: Should I Get H1N1 Vaccinated?

With all of the media attention that H1N1 has received, I find it hard to determine if getting the vaccine is necessary. Normally I would not concern myself with this as I do not get a flu shot every year. I don’t get the flu shot because I don’t get the flu every season like some people do.

With me being 21 weeks pregnant, I find myself in part of the “high risk category” group according to the CDC and other experts. Originally I had thought that I would not get the vaccine as I thought it was a brand new vaccine that had never been given before. I of course was not going to let them try it on me and my baby. I also was not sure if they had not rushed the vaccine into production to sell as much as they can during this pandemic.

Increase the demand artificially, keep the supply low and simple economics means that equals money, money, money.

My husband, who is an RN, received the vaccine at work and then did some investigating. He advised me that I should go a head and get it. He advised that the shot is the dead virus and advised me not to get the option that contains perservatives. He explained that H1N1 is a strain of a flu that made its fame previously. This explains why experts now are theorizing that the reason that less older people are getting H1N1 is because they have previously been exposed to a similar strain.

I think if I remember correctly my HR Director told me about having the option to be vaccinated at work, so I guess I will be looking into this.

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