Showing at 22 Weeks Pregnant


Towards the end of September and beginning of October I was starting to wonder when I would start showing and be obviously pregnant. This would have been around my fourth month of pregnancy. At this time I noticed something more around my mid section and at this time I could feel around my abdomen for the hard section that was my uterus. I could tell it was getting bigger but I wondered when I would look more pregnant.

The image above was taken in the bathroom of our new apartment when I was about 22 weeks pregnant. About two weeks before this picture was taken we started feeling the baby move and kick. The husband is really excited to see these changes. He was not that big a fan of my first trimester nausea diet of bread and pizza. He gets really excited to feel the baby kick and see my abdomen increase in size.

The first trimester I only gained 3 pounds. This sort of made we worry as the beginning of the second trimester I did not seem to be gaining very well and I knew that I needed to gain about 10 pounds during the second trimester and another 10 pounds during the third trimester. I weighed myself today and I have gained 13 pounds overall and I am now at 23 weeks so that sounds good according to what my doctor has told me and compared to all of the literature from the experts.

There was a time when I felt almost anxious about not gaining enough weight. I almost felt panicky about the question of what if I don’t gain enough weight and then what if the baby doesn’t gain enough weight and it is too little when its born. The what if questions started to spin in my head. I did manage to talk myself down with the assurance that the baby will take what it needs and the only one left without enough would be me. At the very beginning of my pregnancy I remember worrying if I would gain 60 pounds like a friend of mine and how uncomfortable that would be. Luckily I don’t foresee that happening.

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