Buying Maternity Cloths

For Thanksgiving my husband and I flew to Indianapolis to stay with my parents for the holidays. I had just entered my sixth month of pregnancy. A few months ago when we bought the plane tickets I was worried I would be quite large and uncomfortable on a plane at 6 months pregnant. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was not any more uncomfortable flying at 6 months pregnant versus just flying in general. We arrived the Tuesday afternoon before Thanksgiving. The next morning after breakfast my mom surprised us with the idea of taking us maternity cloths shopping.

We had previously stopped by Babies R Us and priced some maternity cloths and as a pair jeans were about 50 dollars we talked ourselves out of buying them. I had one pair of pants that still fit and a friend had given me another pair so I delayed buying the cloths.

My mom took us to a store called Motherhood Maternity on the north side of Indianapolis. I was surprised to find the cloths all reasonably priced. I started looking around at the cloths and I was surprised at how much I liked them. A friend of mine had gone on and on about how ugly pregnancy cloths are so I was not as excited as I should have been to go maternity cloths shopping. I should have reminded myself that she had a baby about 8 years ago so what she states may no longer be accurate. That is probably a good thing to remember from here on out as I will be encountering many “experts”.

So after about twenty minutes I had a nice pile of cloths to try on; some that I picked out, some my mom picked out and some that my husband picked out. The sales woman had started a dressing room for me. My husband and my mom sat down in front of the dressing room and I proceeded to try everything on and model it for them. It turned out to be quite fun. My husband and my mom seemed to be enjoying watching me try everything on. In dressing room they also had a pillow that you could strap on to your stomach and use to see how big you could get and if the cloths you were trying on would still fit. A lot of the outfits fit really well and were really cute. I ended up getting two bags full of cloths. I should be set for this pregnancy and the next one. The best part was my mom bought it all for us and that was really nice of her.

I was really surprised at how into buying maternity cloths I got and how fun it was. I normally don’t do a lot of cloths shopping but it was nice to buy some new cloths for the reason of being pregnant. I am enjoying being pregnant a lot more than I thought I would. Aside from the inital nasea, the symptoms have been quite mild. We will see what the third trimester brings.

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