27 Weeks Pregnant; 19 Pounds Gained

I am now in about my 27th week of pregnancy. I weighed myself last night and overall I have gained about 19 pounds. Gaining 19 pounds over all of your body might not feel like too much but when it is all in one place like the uterus it feels quite strange. I feel quite off balance. Sometimes I walk with my hand on my stomach so I can tell how to not run into things.

The second trimester was amazingly better than the first. My appetite returned. Really the best thing was the nausea ending. Now it feels strange getting used to my knew body size. Depending on where the baby is positioned I sometimes feel short of breath. Activity like walking usually cures that. I think it must lull the baby to sleep.

I am looking forward to preparing for labor and delivery. As it is 2-3 months away I can really start preparing, visiallizing and setting up a plan. I will publish more details of my birth plan as it becomes more finalized.

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