32 Weeks Pregnant; Bring on the Protein

This week marks my 32nd week of pregnancy.  Today I was paging through the notebook where I had taken notes about my symptoms and feelings during the first trimester.  As I stared at my own handwriting, it sort of transported my back to that time period and I could have never imagined myself this far into the pregnancy.

Looking back it does not seem like I have been pregnant that long.  But while I remember the first trimester, it does seem like a lot of time has passed.  It may seem like a lot of time has passed because a lot of things have changed in my life since I found out we were pregnant in July 2009.

  • I gave notice at my full time profesional position
  • My husband and I packed everything we owned into a U Haul and moved down to the south eastern coast of Florida
  • We replaced the transmission on our vehicle
  • I started a new part time very un glamorous job
  • My husband started a new full time good money job
  • We drove the second vehicle down after a visit at Thanksgiving
  • We changed the direction of our pre natal care from OB to Midwife

As I am in the third (last trimester) protein intake is very important.  The baby is building its brain.  I am supposed to eating 60-90 grams of protein everyday.  I have never eaten so much meat and high protein items in my life.  I think I have eaten eggs and sausage everyday for that meal in between breakfast and lunch.  That is another thing, I feel like I am eating all of the time.  Since there is not much room for my stomach to expand, I have to eat smaller more frequent meals.  Some days I feel like all I do is; prepare food, eat food, clean up and then repeat.  I guess this is preparing me for when the baby comes only it will be the baby breast feeding all of the time instead of me.  At least with breast feeding there are not any dishes to clean up.

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