Memory Loss While Breastfeeding

Oh shoot I forgot what I was going to write here…..

Wait, now I remember.  About a year ago, before I was even pregnant, my friend Kara told me about how she had a really bad memory while she was breastfeeding.  I remember her describing it like “they suck it right out of you.”

The memory loss for me is not as bad as I was imagining.  My daughter is 4 months old and we have been enjoying a wonderful breastfeeding relationship.  I do notice that sometimes I forget things that normally I would not have forgotten.

My husband can never remember where he leaves his things.  Our apartment is quite small but he still manages to misplace his things.  Usually he can ask me where his keys are and I know exactly where they are.  Every once and a while he asks me and I draw a complete blank.  This never happened before I was pregnant.

This evening I took a popsicle out of the freezer and ate it while messing on the computer.  I then brushed my teeth and was about to get into bed to go to sleep when I wondered where the popsicle I took out of the freezer was.  I went back into the office and looked for it and then I went back into the bedroom and looked in the blankets.  Then I finally remembered that I had eaten the popsicle already.

It makes sense that you can’t remember everything while you are breastfeeding your offspring.  Nature does not care if you remember where your husband’s glasses are or if you put the dishes away.  Nature has designed it so your primary objective is the feed the baby.  Thus there is a purpose to the memory loss suffered during pregnancy, breastfeeding while the kids are young.

Oh wait… damn, whole train of thought gone.


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