We Closed on Our House!

putting in new locks

We did it! We closed on our house.  We are now homeowners.  Up until September 30th we have the house and the apartment.  This should give us a relaxing move for the lovely price of maintaining two residences.

The week before we closed our realtor actually had to have arguments with the seller.  He insisted on leaving all of his stuff in the house until after we closed.  He kept saying “how do I know they will close” and the realtor kept replying something like “well they won’t if your stuff is still there”.  We even walked by the house the night before closing and could tell that he still had all four bedrooms full of his oversized furniture.

We all meet at the house at 2:00 pm to do the final walk through. I am surprised to find that the seller has actually  moved the big furniture out.  He has although left all kinds of stuff in the closets.  He also appears to be taking his sweet time taking stuff from the closet to the back of his SUV.  I wanted to say “gee, why don’t you just carry one shirt at a time” but I resisted the urge to be a smart ass.

The baby got hungry so I went out to the car and sat there nursing her.  Soon after my husband, the realtor and the seller walked out of the house and I could tell they were arguing about something.  The seller got in his car with our realtor on his heels.  The seller actually drove off with his door open while the realtor was talking to him.

I finished nursing the baby and got out of the car to see what was going on.  They explained to me that the seller said he would be back in a half hour or later to get the rest of his stuff.  All he had left was 2 big ugly lamps.  The realtor had explained to him that we needed to close to day and we had a short amount of time to make it to the office to sign.  He apparently didn’t care.  I don’t think I will ever forget the look on my husband’s face while we stood there in the driveway.  There he was holding the baby with this lost/ disappointed WTF look on his face.  I remember being pissed.

The woman at the title office where we were to sign the papers finally talked to the seller and he was on his way over to sign the papers and would just leave the lamps.  So the realtor and us hustle on over to sign the papers.  The seller had wasted so much time that I was worried that we would not have a lot of time to look over the paper work we were about to sign.

We finally make it to the title office and meet our title officer and a pile of paper.  I was worried.  Luckily I had already seen this paperwork.  This was all provided to me in the application process through our lending company.  Great!  The woman at the title office was impressed with our choice of lenders.  She told us that normally paperwork comes to her and she has to do a bunch of work to complete it.  She said our paperwork was complete, organized and even had notes and instructions.  In fact we were even able to call our loan officer over the July 4th weekend and ask her a question and she had knowledgeable answer for us.  We would definately recomend iFreedom Direct as a mortgage lender.

Bam! WE DID! We signed the paperwork and ended up not having to pay any additional monies and actually got some money back in closing.  The title officer gave us the key.  We celebrated with our realtor a little and sat there in awe as we realized it was finally over.

Ok so it was not really over, the next thing we did was go and change the locks, and thus begins all the little projects……

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