Time Consuming Motherhood

Have you ever thought it would be a great idea to have a baby and buy a house in the same year?

Yea, uh, I don’t recomend it.

But that is what we did. We had a baby in March and closed on a house the end of July.

An interesting outcome of this is that only those tasks necessary to survival seem to get done and only the essentials seem to get unpacked. I was sort of attached to doing the things I previously did so it was kind of painful to let those go. Once I did though, I found myself to be less stressed out. As I embrace this new minimal lifestyle I try to enjoy the simplicity of it. I try to quite the voices in my head that remind me that I am not furthering my career and if we want to have more kids those will be more years that I am not climing the ladder, not furthering my career, not putting money into a 401k, not attaing success. I find myself imagineing how old I will be when I “re-enter” the workforce.

Ideally I’d be starting my own business and working freelance. But I have to face the reality that I may have to work a standard typicall 9-5 job when the kids don’t need me full time. Ugggg.

Logically I understand that I can’t give my baby the appropriate attention necessary for her development if I am working 60 hours a week. Somewhere in there I feel as if I should be able to do so… Have a successful career (because HEY I graduated from University), raise 2-3 kids, run the household and always know where my husband left his wallet. Sometimes I feel as if I should be able to do all of these things easily yet I know that if my baby is happy and I squeeze in a shower then it counts as a success.

Seriously, it counts.

Put it on my permanent record.

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3 Responses to Time Consuming Motherhood

  1. hira says:

    If you want to work, why is daycare not an option?

  2. Roger says:

    Yes, a shower does count as success.

  3. Tarraguña says:

    @hira Because I don’t want to just see my kids for an hour in the evening before I put them to bed and just the weekends.

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