Baby’s First Fever

Wow! There is nothing like your baby’s first fever, especially when it hits 103.7.

My daughter at 7 months had her first fever. I knew something was wrong because she woke up crying. Normally she wakes up making noise babeling in her crib and standing up shaking the side of her crib. But this day she woke up crying and only wanted to nurse. While nursing her I thought she felt warm.

I first thought, oh she is just warm because we live in southern Florida and we keep our house at about 80 degrees. I took off her onesie and we sat in front of the fan while she nursed. After she nursed she played on the floor a little but she was much mellower. Normally she is flying accross the floor getting into all of the things I don’t want her to get into like the wires by the TV, trying to climb on top of the receiver, trying to stick her fingers in the fan. Today she was just chillin meandering around the room.

I took her temperature. It was 101. I gave her some acetominofen and we laid in bed while she nursed. I took her temperature again and it was 98, back to normal. I was relieved. We both feel asleep for a long evening nap.

When we awoke from our evening nap the baby was burning up. I took her temperature and it was 103.7.

Great. Freak out time.

So we called the pediatrician at 9:00 pm on a Thursday. We left a voicemail and within 5 minutes she was calling us back actually apoligizing for missing our call. I was surprised. We had never needed to call her after hours.

We ran through symptoms and with the baby acting totally normal aside from the high fever she advised that we need to get the fever down asap and that we should bring the baby in the next day. She gave us a list of things to do to try to bring down the fever. She said if it dosen’t come down we would have to take the baby into the ER.

We wanted to avoid that.

The baby and I got in a hot bath and I rubbed her with a towel to open her pores while my husband went to Walgreen’s to get some ibuprofen. We gave her the ibuprofen and after about a half hour we took her temperature.

It had lowered.


That night I proceeded to nurse/ nap with the baby. The next morning we had our appointment with the pediatrician. She was tested for strep and the flu and it was negative. The pediatrician said the baby looked great, she was happy and active and had great color. She said the fever is either due to a virus that would run its course or something else. We could take her to have her blood drawn and urine gathered (via catheder 🙁 ) if we wanted to be double sure.

I decided let it run its course for the weekend provided we could keep the baby’s fever under control and she did not present with anymore symptoms.

Luckily after a long weekend of nurse/ napping and me not getting much sleep on Sunday afternoon the fever stayed away for good. What came next were her two front teeth. This made for a 7 day streatch of the baby not feeling well and thus not sleeping well which translated to me not sleeping much at all. Then finally she slept from 11pm until 9am and so did I.

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