Attempts at Elimination Communication

After my daughter was born I spent a lot of time nursing her. Sometimes she would just hang out ther for an hour or more. I didn’t remove her because I was never sure when she was finished eating. When had she switched from nursing to eat to nursing for comfort? I was in no rush to do the dishes so we hung out nursing while reading, watching movies and surfing the web.

One thing I found was elimination communication. At first I was like oh there is just no way that is possible.  Babies either pee and poo all over themselves or they wear diapers right? Ahh everything is so simple when you know nothing about it.

The other day we were out with some friends and their little boy. She asks her little boy if he has to pee and then she removes his diaper and he goes. It was amazing. He is about 8 months old. We talk about elimination communication. I had never met anyone who was doing it. She says it doesn’t happen all of the time because if he is asleep in his crib he just goes in his diaper. Obviously he can’t hold it yet and pee when a toilet is available. He is too young. But then again what potty trained 3 year old can always do that. Heck adults can’t always hold it.

I started to think about my daughter’s cues. I always can tell when she is about to have a BM, she has it and then I change her diaper. I started to think what if I don’t wait for her to go. Instead I see the first cue and take her diaper off and take her to the toilet. It makes sense that this may ease the potty training transition process.

So today I saw the cue. I think I hesitated too long. As if someone would see me at home with me having my 11 month old balancing on the toilet but nothing coming out was too funny. I was afraid of a false alarm. Ugh buy why. Anyway so there I was balancing my baby on the toilet having taken off her diaper full of elimination. There is always tomorrow to try again. Because think of all the diapers we could save…

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