A Start to Potty Training

Potty training starts at different ages throughout the world and it is definitely culturally sensitive.  According to the parents I have asked in the United States 2 years old seems to be the age at which parents try to start potty training their kids.  Or is it the parents are potty trained by the kids?  Doing a google search there are sites that claim the average age to be 2 or 2.5 or 3 depending on which one you read.

Just like with all things parenting related there seems to be controversy; when to start, weather to reward, parent-led or child-led….   Sifting through all of the BS to extract information becomes irritating.  My conclusion; no one really knows what they are talking about:)

Anyways so my 15 month old exhibits some signs of being “ready”.  We thought we would introduce it to her and let her go at her own pace.  We try to practice as must Attachment Parenting as we can, we did a little elimination communication, and my own parenting philosophy is that I don’t want to impose my ideas on her.  I want her to live her life her way as much as she can.

Is she ready?

  • Dry diaper after her nap frequently
  • Notices when she has a dirty diaper and tries to take it off
  • In fact many times takes her diaper off and the has a BM
  • She brings us diapers sometimes when she needs changing
  • She sits on her potty when I or my husband use the bathroom
  • Has been interested in doing things for herself since she was a newborn:)

She of course does none of this when she is engaged in an activity.  She even ignores me when she is engrossed.  But hey I put off urinating when I am really on a good creative groove.  I do avoid peeing my pants.

So what is a parent to do?

We bought her a cute little training potty and are introducing her to the idea.  We will try some of the techniques that we have researched and what works we will stick with.  At 15 months she still seems young for potty training so I doubt I will be as insistent as if she were 3 years.

I will keep you updated on what we try and what works.

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