3 Day Migraine/ Headache


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I finally feel like myself today.  Today is Thursday and my daughter and I are back in our usual morning routine of waking up, nursing, and going for a run while she snacks in the jogging stroller.  The preceding Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I suffered the longest headache I have ever had.  This is proof that if you don’t deal with things, especially a headache, they persist until you do.

Tuesday I reached this conclusion after the headache got so bad that I could barely see straight.  I, like many mothers, thought I could not take time to deal with the headache as I have a toddler who is at level 10 of energy meaning she is running nonstop.  I had tried to take 20 minutes her or there to try to relax and release the headache and meditate but nothing seemed to work.

Thankfully my husband was off work and he took over.  Tuesday evening I took a hot bath all by myself.  I laid down in bed with a heating bad and listened to some zen music.  It seemed to take forever but the headache finally released.  Wednesday the headache was gone but it left me beyond exhausted; depleted.  Thanks again to my awesome husband who woke up with the toddler and let me sleep until NOON.  WOW.  I had not done that in over 17 months.  AMAZING.  Then when the toddler took a nap, I napped for an additional 2 hours with her.  I could not believe that I could sleep that much.

Now I feel so rejuvenated.  Don’t wait for a headache to knock you down.  Pick a day and sleep all day and all night.  I am sure all of us over worked peoples can manage to do this.  It will make you feel so rejuvenated.

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