My Annoyance with T-Mobile



T-mobile used to be my favorite of all of the cell phone companies in the U.S.  Sadly they have been dethroned.  Although I don’t know if one can be dethroned with no one else taking the thrown? Now I don’t really like any of the cell phone companies.


Well, here is the story.  We had a family plan with 3 lines.  My mother-in-law, my husband and I had 700 minutes together.  We had 2 smartphones and the mother-in-law’s phone and it was about $140 each month.  The husband decided he didn’t need the data plan anymore  so we dropped that off his line.  T-mobile was always so nice when we spoke to them.  We moved once and one rep we spoke to before said it would be easy and no charge to change our numbers.  Well, once we moved, we called to change numbers and the rep then advised that there was a charge.  We explained how we had talked to a previous rep yada yada.  They were able to change our numbers without a charge this time.

So our bill was $120 a month up until our contract ran out.  We continued on our plan until I realized we were not using it to its potential.  Well, the mother-in-law was.  She had extra charges for going over minutes, where she used up all of the minutes.  She would go over for texting.  She even got those 9.99 charges on the line.  I started investigating our options.  I wrote about it here.

So we did it.  We moved from our monthly cell phone plan to prepay.  We are loving our Samsung Galaxy Tab. In the process my online access to our old plan, with outstanding monthly charges still due, was eliminated.  As T-mobile strongly pushed I had signed up for e-bill where they never sent bills.  I believe there was a $5 monthly charge if you wanted a bill sent to you.  This was fine with me as I pay my bills online.  But I wondered how could I pay my account if T-mobile eliminated my access.  The monthly contract department is totally not connected to the prepay department even though they are both T-mobile.  My bill was due on July 25th.  I wanted to pay but I couldn’t sign in because I had switched to prepay.  On the 27th of July I started getting calls.  I am hesitant to give credit cards or checking account information to people who call me claiming to be from some company.  While I did believe they were from T-mobile I found it to be annoying.

They refused to send me a bill unless they charged me for it thus they want people to pay online.  But then they eliminated my access to my bill that I know was due.  The illogicalness of it bothered me.

It also annoyed me.  I have a system.  Just like a business or corporation, I have a system for paying my bills.  T-mobile had missed the billing cycle.  I couldn’t exactly call in accounts payable, pull out their invoice, look for the purchase order and pay their bill. It is against my company’s policy to pay bills we have not received nor have access to online.  We also don’t make payments over the phone to people who could be random solicitors.  You will receive payment during our next billing cycle.

Oh, and dear big business, when you have multiple departments that can’t or won’t communicate with each other please remember that if you operate under the same brand, I think you are the same company.  I should not have to understand your internal organizational structure in order to have logical conversation with your representative about my account.

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