Hello Palm Beach State College!

Palm Beach State College EmblemI decided to go ahead and do. I believe that if you keep thinking about doing something and it wont leave you alone then you should probably just jump in and do it.

Since 2007 I have been designing and developing websites and have thought about maybe pursuing a degree in the field. While many schools have a computer science program and or an informatics program, I found few schools have a programs that specializes in web design and development. It seems you either go the web design route and its an art degree and you learn very little coding for the “back end” or you only learn coding (html, php, xml, etc) and learn very little about the aesthetics of designing the “front end”. My geeky nerdy self enjoys both. I also think universities are preparing students for a specialized job at a company with a large website where each person has a small task. Knowing both the front and back end I am guessing would make someone more marketable.

Plus not everyone can work for or wants to work for a large corporation. Working for a small business you can find yourself wearing a lot of hats. One person could be the entire IT department having the responsibility of the website, servers, intranet, and local network. Right so I am getting off topic…

So in 2006 I complete my Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and German and while I wanted to study web design I did not want to start all over on a bachelors degree in Science. Most of the classes you are required to take aren’t in your major. I remember I took 30 credit hours in Spanish and 30 credit hours in German and 120 credit hours in all kids of other subjects that I was not all that interested in. So I worked and just studied HTML, PHP, XML, CSS and all other internet coolness in my free time. Now with my toddler, I have realized I need more structure to my program and I probably need to get out of the house by myself for my own sanity.

Thus I have applied to Palm Beach State College to complete the Associate in Science or Applied Science in Internet Services Technology. I am hoping it helps me got to a place where I can work from home on all kinds of internet projects in a freelance or contractor capacity. I am hoping to be able to set my own schedule to a certain degree and have plenty of time with my family.

I have applied and I was accepted. I get my own university email. Yea! because I don’t already have too many email address. Oh well. Next step is having my transcripts sent from my Bachelor of Arts degree, getting a student ID, a parking pass, and proving in state residency. Then I will be all set to start taking a class in the spring.

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