18 January 2012 SOPA / PIPA Blackout

Today many websites are posting about SOPA and PIP bills currently in the houses of the USA governemnt. I have “blacked out” many of my websites today in support.

It was easy.  I placed the following javascript right above the </body> tag on my pages. ‘<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//js.sopablackout.org/sopablackout.js”></script>’ and it worked like a charm, thanks to this site.

I am all about people protecting their intellectual property but it needs to actually be their property.

I also do not ever want a government to be able to essentially take down the entire internet just because some RIAA or hollywood lobbyist claims a site is posting copyright material or merely linking to said material.

In an era where corporations have more power, money, spies and guns than governments we the people of the world need to hold on to our internets.reddit jan 18 blackout PIPA SOPA

wikipedia jan 18 blackout SOPA PIPA

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