1 Year Ago Today

1 Year ago today I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. I was feeling contractions as I had been sporadically all day and I just kept thinking they were Braxton hicks. I remember at one point going in to the office and sitting on the big bouncy ball and bouncing during a few contractions. Then I went back to getting the house ready. I thought there would be days or weeks of on and off contractions. I was preparing myself to be up all night with contractions unable to sleep. My husband and 4 year old went to bed. I laid down also but the contractions were keeping me up. They weren’t really painful. They were a feeling and I couldn’t ignore it and go to sleep. IT was like as the house got quite and I laid down to sleep the contractions started to become REAL. Screenshot_2014-04-27-11-57-28

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