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Is balance really achievable

So really is balance really achievable I mean if I’m spending time with my family that means I’m neglecting my career and thus I suffer career guilt if I neglect  my family because I’m working on my career then I … Continue reading

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My Annoyance with T-Mobile

T-mobile used to be my favorite of all of the cell phone companies in the U.S.  Sadly they have been dethroned.  Although I don’t know if one can be dethroned with no one else taking the thrown? Now I don’t … Continue reading

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3 Day Migraine/ Headache

I finally feel like myself today.  Today is Thursday and my daughter and I are back in our usual morning routine of waking up, nursing, and going for a run while she snacks in the jogging stroller.  The preceding Sunday, … Continue reading

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Will Setting Goals Propel My Personal Development?

My daughter is 17 months old so 17 months ago the hurricane of motherhood entered my life.  And before that, the hurricane of pregnancy and preparing for labor consumed my existence. Don’t get me wrong, I love motherhood.  I also … Continue reading

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Time Consuming Motherhood

Have you ever thought it would be a great idea to have a baby and buy a house in the same year? Yea, uh, I don’t recomend it. But that is what we did. We had a baby in March … Continue reading

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January’s Monthly Project

I know it is already the 10th but I just got back from my vacation/ wedding/ honeymoon trip to be met with 12 hour working days including the weekends.  Thus January’s monthly project will be to hang on and make … Continue reading

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