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My Experience with Verizon Fraud Department

A few years ago we switched our cell phone plan to a prepaid one and it has been A LOT cheaper.  We use these from T-Mobile.  Almost 2 years ago when Samsung released their tablet to rival the iPad we … Continue reading

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Is there a polite professional way to tell a client you do not work for free?

Is there a polite professional way to tell a client you do not work for free? Back story: My client requested an amended 2010 return.  I prepared this for him.  When he came by my office to pick it up … Continue reading

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I Was Hacked! ( and TimThumb PHP)

In August 2011 there was a mass infection of websites that use WordPress software. It was not a vulnerability of WordPress, but had to do with certain themes and plugins that used the vulnerable timthumb.php script. What the malware does … Continue reading

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My Annoyance with T-Mobile

T-mobile used to be my favorite of all of the cell phone companies in the U.S.  Sadly they have been dethroned.  Although I don’t know if one can be dethroned with no one else taking the thrown? Now I don’t … Continue reading

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Aren’t Toddlers Supposed to Sleep More Than This?

My 16 month old daughter has stopped sleeping.  Well, not altogether, she sleeps.  No matter what I seem to do she won’t fall asleep until midnight.  She then proceeds to wake up at 7am.  That is only 7 hours of … Continue reading

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The Illogicalness of Objectifying Women

As a woman I have met many a man who seems clueless as to how to interact with me if not objectifying me. I had much more of these interactions when I was single. I would met a man in … Continue reading

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Forced to Buy Windows?

Since I quit working for “the man” I have not had to use a Windows machine since 2009. I know that means it has only been about 2 years, but that is an eternity in the tech world. I have … Continue reading

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Honor Killing?

I just heard on Fox News about a 20 year old woman who passed away after being in intensive care in Arizona. According to the news report she was hit with an SUV driven by her father. He allegedly intended … Continue reading

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Searching For Nursing Jobs All Around Florida

Since my husband and I met in 2004 we had been planning on moving. Since December 2008 we had been planning to move to the southeastern coast of Florida. After some recon trips to southern Florida we chose the city … Continue reading

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Relocating During a Recession

The move is complete. We are set up in our new apartment. I am working on a very long post documenting the long eventful process. This is why it has been some time since my last post. Way too much … Continue reading

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